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Melding Breakfast and Lunch for All

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Welcome to the Brunch Guide family!

We are now accepting applications for new brunchers to join our team and expand our reviews to all reaches of the world.

Why should I spend my time doing reviews for the Brunch Guide?

Because you love brunch and you love sharing knowledge with others, of course! ...But, also because you’ll get paid!

We don’t have huge reserves of money, or sneaky revenue streams. We just want to share back some love on having you share information with the world. Here’s how we share it back:

* commission rates are negotiable - please inquire for more details!

Simple. Just like that. You’ll need a PayPal account, we don’t use paper money ’round here. You’ll get paid when you send your review in and it is approved. You will not have to wait until you finish your 10 reviews, you’ve earned it now!

Complete the simple form below to submit your information.

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Note: Any information you submit in this application or in a review will become ours, you lose copyright and publishing rights to it in all ways, shapes, and forms. We’re not greedy - that’s just how things work with our website, copyright law, and the Internet in general. You’re also agreeing that any information you submit is your own and not someone else’s - just tell them to signup here instead of ripping them off. We can all be friends!

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