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About the Brunch Guide Team

Paul Hirsch :: Founder

Paul Hirsch

Founder / Lead Bruncher

By day, Paul crunches data and takes names, but by night, he is a supreme brunch overlord. Upon finishing brunch one Sunday morning, Paul developed the idea for the Brunch Guide, a place where brunch could break apart from traditional restaurant review websites and run wild in all its breakfast- and lunch-y glory. In his free time, he judges and/or competes in barbecue contests, explores the brunch his area has to offer, and attempts to kick serious butt at Fantasy Football.

Sarah Hirsch :: Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Hirsch


Still stuck in high school, Sarah blends her smarts with food while editing the content of the Brunch Guide. Juggling a part-time job at the local grocery store, a copy editor position for her school newspaper, and school assignments, she brings a younger flavor to the site. When Sarah gets a chance to kick back and relax, she reads books cover to cover, binge-watches Netflix, and tells herself she should really start running again.

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