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Melding Breakfast and Lunch for All

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Lidia's Italy
1400 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (map)

(412) 552-0150
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$24 buffet
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TBG’s Description
Lidia's Italy in Pittsburgh brings great Italian cuisine to the Midwest in fine fashion. The service is top-notch and the 3-course Market Brunch is a great way to get your day going.

Help yourself to the variety of traditional Italian salads, fresh fruit, imported cheeses, cured meats and other seasonal items at the antipasti table.

Then choose a second course from a list of great options, including the Pasta Tasting Trio where you get to sample as much of the fresh pasta selections of the day, and the servers will refill your plate at table-side from fresh pans from the kitchen.

Finish it all off with the dessert buffet which include Tiramisu, Biscotti, and other seasonal delights.

Market Brunch
Sat and Sun: 11a - 2:30p
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Wake up to brunch in Pittsburgh, PA.

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