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Easter Day

Easter Day is a Christian holy day where the miracle of Jesus' resurrection and the sacrifice he made for our sins are remembered.

Even if you aren't a Christian, you can still enjoy a great brunch at the following restaurants that thought he was at least worth menu space.

Future Easter Dates (Sunday):

2011: April 24
2012: April 8
2013: March 31
2014: April 20
2015: April 5

While Portland may be the first Oregonian city people think of, only 50 miles away is the state capital, Salem. The city has its own charm, with friendly locals and calm weather. Agriculture is pretty important in Salem, and its locally-grown cherries are some of the best in the country. Salem is home to several wineries, including Oregon's oldest winery, Honeywood Winery. The best way to check out Salemís restaurants is to attend the annual Bite of Salem in July. This event allows people to sample free fare from restaurants all over the city and has fun, live music. Salem is also home to the Oregon State Fair.

(503) 371-1103
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200 Waterstreet North
Salem, OR 97301 (map)
$28 - $48
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(503) 391-7308
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6057 Orchard Heights Road NW
Salem, OR 97304 (map)
$13 buffet
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Wake up to brunch in Salem, OR.

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