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Melding Breakfast and Lunch for All

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Father's Day

Dad! Don't forget about Dad!

If there's one thing for certain, dad like's to eat, and Father's Day is a great way to fill him up with two meals in one - brunch!

Future Father's Day Dates (Sunday):

2011: June 19
2012: June 17
2013: June 16
2014: June 15
2015: June 21

Why to love Father's Day:

  • Dads, of course!
  • Great celebrations with food and fun - at least we're remembered once a year
  • Paying respect to elders
  • Firm handshakes, strong hands, leadership
  • Occasionally, a free meal

  • Skyline view of New Orleans, LA (large)

    New Orleans has one of the most unique cultural blends of food in the US, combining French, Italian, Cajun, and even Cuban into its local cuisine. Its specialty may be beignets, which are similar to doughnuts, but New Orleans is also known for its seafood. Its multicultural qualities bleed over into the fantastic architecture all over the city, which reflects the historical roots. The French Quarter is a great place to visit if you want to get an overall idea of the city. And, of course, New Orleans is the place to be for Mardi Gras.

    (504) 522-7261
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    613 Royal St.
    New Orleans, LA 70130 (map)
    $29 buffet
    ***** (click to add your vote)
    (504) 891-9626
    view brunch details
    901 Louisiana Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70115 (map)
    $7 - $20
    (no ratings yet, click here and vote!)
    (504) 861-3121
    view brunch details
    736 Dante Street
    New Orleans, LA 70118 (map)
    $9 - $14
    (no ratings yet, click here and vote!)
    (504) 899-8221
    view brunch details
    1403 Washington Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70130 (map)
    $39 - $39
    (no ratings yet, click here and vote!)
    (504) 944-9272
    view brunch details
    601 Gallier Street
    New Orleans, LA 70117 (map)
    $4 - $19
    ***** (click to add your vote)
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    Wake up to brunch in New Orleans, LA.

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