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Melding Breakfast and Lunch for All

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New Year's Day

Ring in the New Year with gusto (and possibly gumbo) - do brunch! Since many people have New Year's Day off of work, restaurants will often do a little something special to draw in the fans of breakfast and lunch.

Oddly enough, they call it brunch and it happens at the eating establishments listed above.

Future New Year's Day Day of Week (January 1st):

2012: Sunday
2013: Tuesday
2014: Wednesday
2015: Thursday
2016: Friday

Skyline view of Louisville, KY (large)

Louisville is best known for the Kentucky Derby, which is held in May and is the first of three annual thoroughbred horse races making up the Triple Crown. Louisville is quiet and peaceful, with gently rolling hills and lush greenery. The Old Louisville neighborhood is the largest historic preservation of Victorian architecture in the whole nation. Louisville is also home to the Great Steamboat Race, and Esquire has called the city the "biggest party in the South." There is also a Bluegrass Balloon Festival, featuring live music and hot air balloons.

500 4th St.
Louisville, KY 40202 (map)
$50 buffet
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Wake up to brunch in Louisville, KY.

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