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St. Patrick's Day

Feeling lucky? Perhaps your taste buds will after a great meal served with your favorite theme - brunch!

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated in many areas with parades, drink, and wearing green clothing. The restaurants below are helping you satisfy the craving.

Future St. Patrick's Day Dates (March 17th):

2011: Thursday
2012: Saturday
2013: Sunday
2014: Monday
2015: Tuesday

While this city is most well-known for the Indy 500, there's a lot more to Indianapolis than racing events. A handy way to quickly get exposed to the variety of cultures that Indianapolis encompasses is to take a walk or bike down the Cultural Trail, which connects all of the cultural districts as well as serving as a showcase for local art and the main green transportation hub. Indianapolis is second only to Washington, D.C. for having the number of war monuments, including the Soldiers' and Sailor's Monument. Indianapolis is also home to the Bands of America, so if you are/were an avid member of your school's band, you are more than welcome in this city.

(317) 577-2900
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10158 Brooks School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46037 (map)
$4 - $11
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Wake up to brunch in Indianapolis, IN.

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