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Valentine's Day

Ahhhh.. St. Valentine's Day - February 14. Romance is in the air, soft music in the background, time to show someone you really care a lot about them - deep within your heart.

Take a look at the following brunch restaurants to find a Valentine's Day Brunch your sweetie will love.

Future Valentine's Day Dates (February 14th):

2012: Tuesday
2013: Thursday
2014: Friday
2015: Saturday
2016: Sunday

Skyline view of Atlanta, GA (large)

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and has one of the highest-ranking economies in the United States. It's also the main transportation hub of the surrounding states, which makes getting around to your favorite brunch spot speedy. Atlanta has a large performing arts district, including the High Museum of Art, which is arguably one of the best art museums in the South. Although classic Southern food is the staple of Atlanta, restaurants in the area are known to blend more urban cooking styles in with the old techniques.

(404) 347-9747
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1397 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306 (map)
$5 - $27
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(404) 525-3276
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458 Edgewood Ave
Atlanta, GA 30312 (map)
$5 - $12
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Wake up to brunch in Atlanta, GA.

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