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Thanksgiving Day

If a traditionally large supper just isn't enough for your taste buds, Thanksgiving is celebrated by these restaurants with wonderful variety, although it is possible you can find turkey on the menu.

Future Thanksgiving Day Dates (Thursday):

2011: November 24
2012: November 22
2013: November 28
2014: November 27
2015: November 26

Skyline view of San Francisco, CA (large)

San Francisco is known for its open-minded population, which means the city is always jam-packed full of new ideas and has a lively atmosphere. If you’re looking for an active surfing community, head on over to the Ocean Beach. The largest park in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Park, filled with flowers and gardens. The annual Chinese New Year Parade is the largest event of its kind outside of China. The California Academy of Sciences is a lovely natural history museum that features a living roof, reflecting the city's eco-friendly qualities.

(415) 564-5332
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941 Cole Street
San Francisco, CA 94117 (map)
$4 - $21
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Wake up to brunch in San Francisco, CA.

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