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Melding Breakfast and Lunch for All

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Labor Day

You've worked hard. Your friends worked hard. Your family worked hard. Now it's time for your stomach and taste buds to do their fair share of the work.

In celebrating Labor Day, these restaurants are sharing in rewarding your hard work with not having to cook or clean up afterwards. Check their special brunches out!

Future Labor Day Dates (Monday):

2011: September 5
2012: September 3
2013: September 2
2014: September 1
2015: September 7

Skyline view of Little Rock, AR (large)

Little Rock is a historical town with lots of old mixed in with the new, including its architecture. Visit the Quapaw Quarter to view Little Rock's oldest neighborhoods and see homes with everything from the Antebellum to the Victorian eras. A fun way to blend culture and nature is to visit the Wildwood Park for the Arts, which showcases opera, jazz, and many other festivals. The Arkansas Museum of Discovery is great for kids, incorporating many hands-on exhibits about everything from science to history. There are also several hiking trails around the city, and a visit to the Riverfront Park would give you a view of La Petite Roche.

(501) 663-1196
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2721 Kavanaugh Boulevard
Little Rock, AR 72205 (map)
$4 - $14
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Wake up to brunch in Little Rock, AR.

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